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Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I, II & III)
  • Environmental Act Licence Submission
  • Environmental Design & Management
  • Soil & Water Testing/ Monitoring
  • Environmental Permitting

Environmental Engineering introduces the best available practices into the planning, design, and operation of natural and engineered water systems, and the management of our air and earth resources. Utilizing sustainable development philosophies, environmental engineering includes principles of water management and treatment, remediation of surface water and groundwater, biotechnology, and contaminant transport.

Water Sampling and Testing

Tragedies caused by polluted drinking water supplies have raised concerns regarding the quality of water. SEI has extensive experience in assessing the quality of water within domestic wells. We are available to collect water samples from drinking water sources, test the samples for contaminants, assess the quality based on the Canadian Drinking Water standards, and make recommendations. We have also been involved with testing and analyzing industrial wastewater samples, which is commonly required by the provincial government.

Land Remediation

We have completed projects involving the remediation of land. One such project involved removing asphalt runways from a field, thus restoring the land to its natural state and allowing the land to be utilized for the growth of crops. Other projects have included the remediation of land contaminated by livestock manure, and restoring the site to an environmentally sound condition.

Environmental Site Assessments

SEI has experience in completing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, which are done in order to make educated decisions about property transactions, identify environmental conditions, assist in meeting regulatory requirements, and can be used as an initial step in site remediation. We are also qualified to complete Phase II and Phase III Environmental Site Assessments which involve determining site contamination, risk and remediation.