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  • Controlled Environment Production Systems
  • Manure Management Plans
  • Manure Storage Facilities
  • Septic System Design

Biosystems Engineering integrates the knowledge of biological and chemical processes with the problem solving of engineering. Biosystems engineers are able to incorporate the physical properties and growth of plants, animals and micro-organisms, and environmental interactions into engineering applications. The major specialties within Biosystems Engineering are environmental, machinery and equipment, soil and water, structures and controlled environments, food storage and food processing.

Controlled Environment Production Systems

The agriculture sector is increasingly expanding, and as such, so is the need for controlled environment facilities. Special attention must be given to the construction of facilities like greenhouses, animal shelters, and vegetable storages, which all involve the storage of living organisms. SEI ensures that these types of facilities are constructed so that the temperature, moisture, and ventilation are capable of being strictly regulated and controlled thereby providing an environment that will allow the organisms within to thrive.

Manure Management Plans

The Province of Manitoba requires that all livestock operations greater than 300 AU file a manure management plan with the province. SEI is able to assess the livestock operation, complete the manure management plan and submit it to the government on behalf of the client.

Manure Storage Facilities

SEI has experience in designing new manure storage tanks, as well as modifying and/or repairing existing tanks. Our tanks are designed in accordance with all provincial regulations and guidelines. We submit all pertinent applications and documentation to the government on behalf of the client. We are also qualified and experienced in designing earthen manure facilities in a manner that is compliant with all current government regulations.

Septic System Design

We design residential septic systems as per the Government of Manitoba’s Onsite Wastewater Management Systems Regulation. Each client’s individual needs are assessed in order to determine an appropriate treatment system for each specific location. We have the equipment and expertise available to conduct percolation tests, which are required by the Government of Manitoba prior to the installation of a disposal field. Our qualified environmental professionals on staff ensure that every wastewater management system is designed in an environmentally sustainable manner, compliant with the present government regulations.