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Electrical Engineering

  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial Electrical Systems Design
  • Fire Alarm Detection System Design
  • Electrical Building Assessment & Code Analysis
  • Energy Management Studies
  • Automation & Control

Electrical engineering is an exciting field that explores and develops innovative technologies through research and the manipulation of electrical phenomena. It deals with everything related to electrical systems, devices, and the use of electricity. Electrical engineering combines aspects of applied science to real life situations by using principles of science and mathematics in order to find practical solutions to problems or requirements. It reaches every corner in our lives, from the design of turbines in dams to power our cities, to the nano-scale electronic components that drive high-speed computers.

Electrical engineers work in the design and manufacturing of electronics and electrical devices for a wide range of applications. Other specialties are related to planning and operation of power systems, telecommunication networks, and satellite communications.

Electrical Construction Projects

hrough the capability of utilizing energy to its fullest potential, we can contribute to the positive development of any environment.

As the client, you have our full commitment to ensuring a quality design that is sensible, economical, and suits your needs.

We stand ready to turn your vision into a reality, whether it involves new construction, renovation, or remodeling. Our services include the design and planning of residential and commercial buildings. With the planning of each project, heavy emphasis is put on the integration of safety, energy efficiency, convenience, maintainability, and environmental comfort.

Whether your needs require analysis of existing systems, design for a new facility, or renovation and upgrade of existing mechanical or electrical systems, SEI can design the electrical system of your project.

Energy Analysis and Retrofit

We live in an age where efficient use of our natural resources is an environmental concern and a potential economic advantage for the end user.

We are in the business of providing our clients with the most feasible solution to their needs.

For a particular project, we can perform an energy analysis and present financially feasible retrofit alternatives with an economic analysis to estimate investment recovery. As well, we coordinate with local utility companies so that our clients can take full advantage of current energy efficiency building incentives.

By becoming energy efficient you can reduce operating and maintenance costs, lower building cost payback period, and increase the comfort level in your facility.

System Condition Analysis

Existing electrical systems can be analyzed in terms of compliance with current codes and standards, safety, operating needs, while taking future expansion into consideration. Environmental impacts of the systems can also be assessed.

We can assist you in preparing an energy management action plan to help improve the quality of a space as well as reduce operating costs. By applying specialized knowledge of current and emerging technologies, we are able to recommend the best fit in energy source and applications to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and overall energy costs.

Controls and Automation

It could be as simple as having one keypad to control all your home automation needs!

Controls engineering provides management solutions for processes whether complex or simple. With the information and communication revolution, a market for a complete home automation system has evolved. Homeowners expectations are changing and wired homes that were once considered a luxury are now becoming more commonplace.

Automation means that one control package can satisfy all your control needs by providing solutions for measurement and control of general or specific applications.