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Mechanical Engineering

  • Process System Design
  • HVAC Analysis & Design
  • Research & Development
  • Mechanical Inspections
  • Building Services Piping Design

Mechanical Engineering is concerned with the design, development, research, evaluation, manufacture, installation, testing, operation, maintenance and management of machines, mechanical and mechatronic systems, automated systems and robotic devices, heat transfer processes, thermodynamic and combustion systems, fluid and thermal energy systems, materials and material handling systems, manufacturing equipment and processing plants.

In other words, anything that is mechanical or must interact with another machine or a human being is within the broad scope of a mechanical engineer. SEI specializes in providing mechanical engineering design services for a wide variety of projects. The following are only a few examples of areas in which SEI has experience.

HVAC & Plumbing Design

SEI can provide design services for projects ranging from individual residences to large commercial properties. We are committed to providing the customer with practical, economical solutions utilizing new environmentally responsible technologies where possible.

Industrial Systems

Building on experience in the food-processing and manufacturing industries, SEI is equipped to undertake larger-scale projects. From process piping to conveying equipment, SEI has the resources to handle a wide variety of tasks in this unique environment.

Power Generation Systems

Due to Manitoba’s heavy reliance on hydro-electric power most power users are unaware of other new power generation technologies. SEI can provide expertise in lowering your energy costs using renewable energy sources with proven and new technologies.

New and Emerging Technologies

SEI is committed to continuously upgrading our knowledge base, and as such we believe in keeping aware of new and emerging technology. We have exposure to advances in alternative fuels, high-efficiency and environmentally friendly equipment, and unique building materials and methods to ultimately reduce the customer’s energy costs.

SEI also understands that every customer’s requirements can be unique. We typically involve the customer in the design process, ensuring that the end result is a product that the customer is pleased with. The additional benefit is a sensible design based on sound engineering principles that conforms with the appropriate building codes.