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Glacier Car Wash

Location: Brandon, Manitoba

Glacier Car Wash, located on Park Avenue in Brandon, is an eleven-bay self-serve style car wash. In addition to the car wash, the building houses a unique pet wash area, and full service laundromat facility.

The building is constructed of durable insulated polyvinyl encased concrete walls, which are well suited to handle the high humidity environment present in the car wash. This construction also lends itself well to frequent wash-downs to maintain the cleanliness of the facility. As customers exit the building, large blow dryers are positioned to effectively dry the standing water on the vehicle. When preceded with a spot free rinse, the result is a very clean surface with no residual soap or wax.

Energy efficiency is also very prominent feature in the building. Heat is recovered from exhausted air, and the primary heat source is a highly efficient condensing type boiler system. Construction for this project was completed in the spring of 2005, by general contractor Excel Construction Ltd.